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I have been a Personal Trainer for over 13 years now and I incorporate a broad range of training techniques and specialise in Weight Management, Strength and Conditioning, Plyometric, Function training, Boxing/MMA style and in General Fitness training. If you train with myself I can get you where you want to be as long as you have the determination, will power and willing to train hard and you will feel and see the results and realize your potential, both mentally and physically. My style of training is always challenging and different but also fun and you will also learn to understand more about fitness training as a whole as you train. My current clients are based around in gyms, outdoor parks and in their homes.


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  • £60 / hr per session

  • Single person training 10 block session £450
  • Single person boxing sessions £60
  • Partners & Group session available (Call for price)

Chelsea, Highbury, Hampstead, Hackney, Central London

  • Weight Management

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Piometric Training

  • Mobility & Flexibility Training

  • Circuit Training

  • Functional Training

  • Boxing/MMA style

  • Core & Torso Stability

  • Medicine Ball training & Powerplate training.

  • Premier International Training Level 3 Personal Training

  • Core & Torso Stability

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Weight management

  • Medicine ball training

  • Powerplate training

  • DNA FIT Training

Qualified with:

  • Fitness Level: Level 3

  • Registration No: R0022081


The personal training session Yiu Fai gave me were paramount for me reaching my goals and changing my attitude to training. You are professional, friendly and patient all qualities essential to being a good teacher.

Dylan Lewis

Yiu Fai who I have known for a year and who has acted as personal trainer to myself and my wife.
we have found him to be the consummate professional at all times, committed, considerate and always encouraging us to achieve more than we thought possible.
His pleasant personality is matched by his evident knowledge and he is a credit.

Richard Barber

I think that training without personal training is like going to school without a teacher, certainly you can learn but t what pace? My days are pretty busy and I need to maximizes the time I dedicate to my fitness therefore I think it's extremely important to work out with someone who tells you exactly what you need to do and push yourself above every day and as every school, having the right teacher is fundamental were you respect your teacher, you kind of wanna look like him.
I have been changing gyms and changing teachers over the years and I think Yiu Fai is simply the best one. He is extremely patient but determined to push you.
The exercises changes every session so the training is never the same and never boring. Every session is a combination od aerobic and anaerobic exercises, so that while you build up lean muscle you work on your elasticity and your controlled breathing too.
I am really happy with how I am progressing and how fit I have become along the last 12 months and looking to get even better!

Matteo de Paulis

Time is the most valuable commodity in the world and it shouldn't be wasted...Yiu Fai, you have not only saved me time but you have transformed my body and gradually pushed my fitness level to a new height.
Until employing your service as a personal trainer, it was easy to turn up to the gym and slip back into the usual routine which no doubt was helping, however did not challenge my body to meet it's full potential. Your knowledge and experience of different exercise techiques and how to utilise every part of the gym has been nothing less then AMAZING....I look forward to our next session and would recommend your services to anyone that is serious about getting fit and maximising the benefit of an exercise can't put a price on health.

Satish Wadhwani

I've been training with Yiu Fai since January 2011 and have found him to be very warm, friendly and effective trainer who is sensitive to my individual needs. Yiu Fai's sessions are always varied, mixing weights with short bursts of cardio and are designed to push you to your limits!
I have seen and felt a huge impact on my body shape not only have I bulked up I have also maintained my fitness levels through a varied regime. I continue to enjoy the sessions and would recommended Yiu Fai to anyone who is serious about improving their phyiscal fitness and general well being.
Adam Pittwood

Adam Pittwood

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