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5 Sessions in 7 days Mega Blast Week at £135 normally £175!!! Small Group Training Sessions at £15 each. 10 Day Pre Christmas Lunch Fitness Challenge either online or online and with 2 group sessions - get fit before January -ask for details.


I am passionate about supporting people to enjoy exercise, get fit and feel amazing in their mind and body. I push without being pushy. What Can I Do For You? Not Always Been Fit I have suffered from chronic back pain for many years and after taking matters into my own hands by stretching and gradually building confidence to workout I changed my life and during the journey I became a PT. I have changed many peoples lives already, people come to me with back pain or other injuries or problems and I devise a programme to build their strength, mobility and confidence. Where To Begin - the hardest part is picking up the phone and contacting me then the next hurdle it getting through my studio door, once you're there i will put you at ease and your journey will begin. I generally train men and women from 40 years old and up but I do have clients who are younger, youngest is 18. I always start with a Consultation so we can get to know each other and I can find out more about your individual goals, exercise history and ability. I will give you some advice on general fitness and nutrition life style ideas and answer any questions you may have. From there I will design a bespoke training program for you. Packages: Mega Week - 5 sessions in a week to really kick start your fitness, this starts slow and builds up with 2 rest days. This really does kick start your fitness. 12 Week Life Transformation Plan - which really works on your mind and body, its 12 weeks so you see the results be it more muscle, weight loss, muscle gain or fitter for a challenge. Life Style Membership - Pay every 4 weeks and train 1:2:1 and group sessions throughout the week and watch your fitness improve. i am available to you throughout the week because it is not just what goes on during our session but the in between times and i am there for you. Small Group Training - very popular group training sessions in the week, unlike boot camps my clients achieve their goals. THP Fitness Studio - I love training clients in my fully equipped private fitness studio in Addington Village, near Croydon but more importantly they like my studio its private and discreet with no interruptions. Its fully equipped for all fitness goals with Cardio machines and different type of free weights, medicine balls to TRX and Swiss Balls. My Style - I have been told I am very approachable and put people at ease. I like to push my clients without being too pushy, I know when to motivate and push my client but also when to hold back or let them push themselves. We are a team and the team is YOU, its all about you when you are with me but with my free app I am with you throughout the week.. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me via message, email, text or phone and I will get back to you. Regards Trevor


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  • £45 / hr per session

  • Special Price £900 - 12 Week Life Transformation £960 including x2 sessions a week
  • x1 group class
  • monthly consultation and phone support
  • Small Group Training is £15 a session
  • Mega Week 5 sessions a week no cancellations - get fit and lose weight in 7 days normally £175 now until 15th December just £135

THP Fitness
Conifer Heights
Bridle Way

  • Weight Loss

  • Functional Training

  • Core Muscles

  • Fitness

  • Toning and Firming

  • Build Muscle Strength

  • Flexibilty

  • For the over 50

  • All abilities

  • all ages

  • back pain

  • Knee Injuries

  • post Surgery

  • GP Referral

  • REP's 3 Personal Trainer s

  • TRX

  • Kettlebell

  • Vipr

  • Group Training of 2 or more

  • Outside Circuit Trainer

  • Sports Conditioning

  • GP Referral Trainer

  • Gym Instructor

  • Indoor Cycling Trainer.

Qualified with:

  • Fitness Level: REPs Level 3

  • Registration No: RO153320


After coming to me with extreme back pain, I analysed her body movement and what actually aggravated her back then designed a plan that would build on her core muscles, and encourage her muscles to stop going into spasm and then we worked on her fitness.


Amazing results in only 3 sessions.... Bad back sorted with some great stretches that then meant I was able to work hard again... Thanks trevor! Normally would go to an osteopath and then not do any exercise ... But feel good and pain free! Thanks !

Claire Watson

Cycled All the way around Kenley aerodrome tonight without stopping. Yes I know it's only 2 miles and yes I know it's pretty flat and yes I know it isn't much but 2 weeks ago I could only do a quarter way round....... thank you.

Jackie Glynn

I've been 8 weeks training with THP. I'm the fittest I've ever been, I would never have had the motivation to carry on for this long if I'd been doing keep fit by myself. Bring it on!

Ian Farrell

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