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Simon Long

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Hi! My name's Simon and I'm a Leicester based exercise and behavioural change scientist, personal trainer and sports masseuse. My experience, knowledge and education allows me to be the best in the following areas: Fat loss and muscular tone and/or size gains. Sustainable lifestyle change. I've been involved in the personal trainer and sports massage industry since 2004, with Body Development Centre being founded in 2005. Since then I have been providing clients from Leicester and Leicestershire with personal training and sports massage services as my full time career. I was very lucky in my education, as I live within commuting distance of Loughborough College and University. Therefore, I've gained all of my qualifications from these highly recognised institutes, including a degree in Exercise Science (where I finished top of the year!), a YMCA qualification in Personal Training and a level 3 diploma in Sport Massage. I'm now doing my Masters in Behaviour Change at University College London, where I study under the recognised trailblazers in the realm of behaviour change: Professor Robert West, Professor Susan Michie, Dr Paul Chadwick and Dr Leslie Gutman (Don't worry. I elected to do this part time, so I still have plenty of availability for clients). This experience and knowledge has meant that I have been lucky enough to be requested as an expert to multiple opportunities. These include TEDx talks, fitness magazines, corporate gyms, columns in local publications and I am currently the weight loss and behaviour change expert for BBC Radio Leicester. But what really helps me to understand what you are going through, is the fact that I have been there myself. I was once classified as obese, yet through an increase in understanding I managed to drop 30 kgs of fat. This aided me to develop my unique approach to sustainable weight loss, which I have been applying to my clients for many years, with great success. Due to my own experience of body shame I have a genuine dedication to us reaching your goals. I understand the difference it will make to your life. The improvement to not only your health and fitness, but to your deep psychological aspects, such as confidence and self-worth. My studio is based in Groby, Leicester. I provide free, no obligation consultations. There is no reason to not come in and learn more. So get in touch via the Contact Me page. I guarantee, you will not regret it! I hope we get to speak soon! Best wishes, Simon


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  • £35 / hr per session

  • Personal Trainer

  • Sports Massage

  • BSc in Exercise Science from Loughborough University (1st)

  • MSc in Behavour Change

  • CYQ in Advanced Cardiovascular Training

  • CYQ in Advanced Resistance Training

  • CYQ in Advanced Fitness Instruction

  • CYQ in Nutrition and Weight Management

  • CYQ in Client Lifestyle and Fitness assessment

  • YMCAFit Padwork for PTs

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