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Ross James

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Trying to lose that extra warmth round the middle? Got a charity marathon to train for? Maybe just want to get that fitness level back to where it use to be. What ever the reason, consider some personal training. Through 1-2-1 sessions you can speed up weight loss, muscle gain or just general fitness levels. Not only are you going to reach those goals quicker, you will have fun doing it! I train outside in parks, the beach or even your own back garden! Wherever suits you best and is easy for you! Ocean Core Fitness has trained clients for health conditions, ‘Tough Mudder’, Powerlifting and general keep fit! With PT it is not just about the training either. I will help you with diet and nutrition along with lifestyle changes. With this combined package and skinfold caliper testing for body fat analysis, you will be surprised just how quickly we can get you on track and in sight of your targets!


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  • £45ph / hr per session

  • Peak £249pcm
  • Off Peak £187pcm

Southampton and local areas

  • Strongman

  • Surf Fitness

  • Strength

  • Conditioning

  • Fat Burn

  • Events Training

  • Active IQ

  • REPs

  • ASI Surf Instructor

  • NARS Beach Lifeguard


I spent 3 months training with Ross and enjoyed every second of it! My goal was to put on some lean muscle as I have a very slight build. I managed to put on 10kg in my time working with Ross. Massive thanks as without the right training and nutrition advice I would have really struggled!


Training with Ross was great and really motivated me to lose weight and reach my goals. It’s never easy, but Ross knows exactly what to do to help you reach your target weight and build in short periods of time. Don’t ever give up!


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