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Hi my name is Jonny and I am a certified level 3 personal trainer specialising in lean muscle gain, strength gain, weight loss/toning, cardiovascular health improvements, nutrition and nutrition planning. I have further qualifications in sports conditioning (planning for specific sports goals), outdoor exercise, spinning, circuit training and GP exercise referral for specific controlled conditions. I have an extremely sporty background having played numerous sports throughout school and university including rugby, football, cricket, hockey, tennis and swimming. Whilst at university, I developed a real passion for health and fitness and seeing my own body change for the better through tailored nutrition and exercise inspired me to want to help others achieve their own fitness goals. I am well aware that everyone is different and what works for one person will not necessarily work for the next which is why working with me, we will tailor an exercise and nutrition plan specifically for your goals and work towards achieving them in a fun yet challenging manner. Please get in touch to arrange a complimentary consultation and taster session.


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  • £42 / hr per session

  • Five 1 hr sessions- £194
  • Five 30 min sessions £97
  • Ten 1 hr sessions- £378
  • Ten 30 min sessions £189
  • Twenty 1 hr sessions- £714
  • Twenty 30 min sessions £357

West Norwood Health and Leisure Centre, Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre, outdoor and home sessions around West Norwood/Upper Norwood, Dulwich, Herne Hill, Streatham and Tooting Bec.

  • Lean muscle gain

  • Strength gain

  • Fat loss/toning

  • Nutrition advice

  • Cardiovascular health improvement

  • Level 2 fitness instructor

  • Certified level 3 personal trainer

  • Outdoor exercise

  • Circuit Training

  • Spinning

  • Sports conditioning

  • GP exercise referral

  • Business Management and Spanish (BA)

Qualified with: TRAINFITNESS

  • Fitness Level: Level 3


I'm currently training with Jonny and highly recommend him - 10 out of 10

Jessica Berton

I've been training with Jonny for nearly two years now and it's been great. The sessions are well planned and kept mixed and varied, rotating between circuits one week and full body weights the other, and this has really helped build up my strength and get me in better shape. He's also good at pushing me each week but also encouraging along the way. Highly recommended.

Matt Graham

I have been going to the gym quite regularly with the aim to lose weight. Despite going for a few months, I wasn’t losing any weight. Then I decided to hire a personal trainer. Jonny McMillan was highly recommended by staff at Streatham Leisure Centre. I was a bit unsure so at first I booked 5 lessons with Jonny. However, once I saw how dedicated and focused he was in helping to achieve my goals, I booked a further 20 lessons. He provided me with an action plan, which included several different types of training (Circuit, Stretch, Hiit) as well as a diet plan. With continued encouragement and enthusiasm from Jonny, I knew I could reach my goal.

Before the personal training, I weighed 76kg but by the time of our last session, I had lost more than 10kg and weighed 62kg. He has given me the confidence and knowledge to continue my gym training. I would highly recommend Jonny McMillan as a personal trainer as his dedication and devotion in job is impressive.

Ananna Khan

"Training with Jonny has been a real pleasure. He has given my workouts a clear and focused structure and helped broaden my knowledge of the right exercise in the right combination to achieve my goals and set a strong foundation to future development and gains as well as valuable nutritional advice. I cant recommend him enough, he will give you all the support and encouragement you need to build not only your body but also your confidence in the gym.”

Peter Williams

Jonny has been amazing. My brief to him was to help me get stronger and he was able to gauge my strength perfectly to go gentle on me at first so I did not get injured (or scared off!) but now that I am stronger he pushes me really hard to continually improve. I am definitely more toned (my husband is very grateful!) and feel much more confident and motivated. The best thing about Jonny though is his manner with people - he is so professional and polite (without being boring!)

Jemima Johnson

I met Jonny at a time when I'd lost a lot of weight but was clueless about developing my strength and nearly phobic about stepping into the weights area of the gym. Every session was planned with just the right amount of challenge to push me outside my comfort zone and to keep me motivated as I was able to see results really quickly. Outside of the sessions Jonny also supported me with useful articles and additional programmes that I could do by myself. I can safely say that with his help, I am now a total gym and weights addict which is certainly not something anyone would have ever heard me say 18 months ago! Jonny's professionalism, knowledge and fun manner have helped me to become the fittest I've probably ever been but maybe more importantly, gain a level of confidence I never expected.

Victoria Ong

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