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Hi my name is Jason, firstly let me congratulate you on deciding to work with a Personal Trainer. The absolute truth is that everybody, without exception, will benefit in some way from working with a trainer. Whether it is careful guidance in speeding towards those precious goals, learning new training methods, nailing your attendance so you actually reach the finishing line or benefiting from that much needed or extra motivation, I could go on but really most people will benefit in more ways than one. Whether you are young and more interested in aesthetics or slightly older and more interested in gaining or maximising quality of life, my workouts focus on a strictly balanced training stimulus. Balanced input equals balanced output, proportional balanced gains are without doubt the most aesthetically pleasing while also providing the most universal functional benefits (Ease and strength of movement). At 44 years old now, I have been involved with fitness for over 25 years, and I am more passionate than ever, having hugely benefitted from exercising regularly throughout my corporate career and in fact my whole life to date. Identifying your goals and then smashing through them is massively confidence inspiring and wonderfully addictive. If you do not train already, and you start, it will very often change your life. In terms of qualities to look for in your trainer, the technical part is really the easy bit. Find a trainer who really engages with their clients, some one you can really connect with who gets you. That will make those sessions fly by and if you find yourself getting the results you want and genuinely looking forward to your next session, then you have got the right trainer. There are many good trainers and many not quite so good, try a few out and do not be afraid to change if you are not really enjoying the relationship. Please feel free to pick up the phone or drop me an email to arrange a free consultation. Best regards, Jason.


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  • £40.00 per session - Please visit my website for details. / hr per session

  • Outdoor - £360 per calender month = 12 Sessions@£30 (Save £120)
  • Home - £360 per calender month = 12 Sessions@£30 (Save £120)
  • Gym - £420 per calender month =12 Sessions@£35 (Save £60)

London Area.

  • Body Composition

  • Endurance

  • Hypertrophy and Strength training

  • Functional Training

  • Sport Specific Training

  • Cardioascular Conditioning

  • Weight Management

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Been training for over 25 years

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

  • Level 3 personal Trainer

  • PADI Divemaster.

  • Fitness Level: Level 3 REPS

  • Registration No: Qualification No. 500/8259/0 Validation Number 00120006-01-VSXN


We have been training for five years in the gym with a good
level of success. Our usual rep range would be 6 - 10 reps
repeated over 3 or 4 sets. This training worked well for us for
a period but our progress had reached a plateau that was
difficult to improve.

We trained with Jason’s guidance over a period of four
weeks. Initially three weeks of his endurance training and
then finally one week of his heavy endurance. We then
returned to our original training program and were surprised
and extremely happy, that both of us were able to move up
two weights in relation to our previous maximum, over the
majority of our usual resistance exercises.

It has been a pleasure to train with Jason. He has an excellent
ability to explain what is required clearly and through his
training we have gained a much better understanding of how
to maximise our returns from our efforts.

We would recommend Jason to anybody who is looking for
some fresh ideas or who is finding that their training results
are not what they once were. He has a very positive and
focused attitude towards training and it was an all round
enjoyable and worthwhile experience.


Anton Ladja & Tomas Gerasimovas

Anton Ladja & Tomas Gerasimovas

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