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  • £60 / hr per session

  • Buy 1-1 in blocks and get money off

Unit 3
Portway Business Center
Old Sarum
Sp4 6qx

  • Applied Movement Neurology - Functional Movement Strength & Conditioning

  • Applied Movement Neurology - Cerebellum Specialist - Neuro Skeletal Practitioner - Homeostasis Practitioner - Postural & Coordination Specialist - Spinal Alignment Training - Functional Patterns Coach - Functional Strength & Conditioning Coach - Kettlebell Certified Specialist - Trx Specialist

Qualified with: AMN - Functional Patterns


I have recently joined Optimal Performance Clinic. Due to a serious Car crash 9 years ago, I have been refused help with my disabling injuries previously from Physical Trainers and Physios from the hospital so I got in contact with James.
James introduced me to a new way of getting my body to fire up connections between the brain & the muscles that have been dormant for years, it’s called Neuro Skeletal.
From what i understand it's basically teaching the brain to heal the body itself.
What blew me away was how connections no one had ever mentioned before have made such huge impactful results in such a short period of time (6hrs)
It is very hard to explain to how it works. What I can say is that James has changed my life, I am no longer in pain. I can do things that I never thought would be possible again.
Ever since the accident i have suffered from debilitating movement issues, Lack of sleep and horrific flashbacks that have kept me awake. Since working with James all of these have completely gone.
I would recommend anyone to see James if you’re in pain or you feel your body is not performing as it should. I went with an open mind, this has worked with astonishing results.
I have enjoyed every minute with James and now I’m in the gym doing some posture work and movement exercises and watching my body literally come back to life.
Phil O’Sullivan, a very happy client.

Phillip O'Sullivan

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