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James Robinson


Hello, I am James Robinson,a Norfolk based personal trainer, helping you get into the best shape of your life! Are you ready to lose weight, tone up and get in shape? Whether you seek a better body....rehabilitative exercise....sports conditioning. more energy...vastly improved fitness. The best way is to have a personal trainer, guiding you. I am the expert in creating exercise and nutrition programs. Imagine the type of body you want to live the rest of your life in...I will help you achieve that


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  • £25 / hr per session

  • 10 sessions for £200

Norwich, Norfolk, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk,

  • Start improving your life today!

  • Personal training sessions are for people of all levels

  • Covering Norfolk Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

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  • Advanced Personal Trainer-Fully qualified and insured

  • Gym Instruction:I'm a fully qualified and insured gym instructor gaining my qualifications with FutureFit

  • Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor-I have a wealth of nutritional knowledge which greatly benefits all of my clients. Nutrition is such a big part of a healthy lifestyle it often surprises me that people neglect this side of things. Gained my certificate with FutureFit

  • Circuit Training Certificate-Qualified teacher of all types of circuit training

  • Torso training and Core Stability Certificate-Qualified with FutureFit. Expert in helping people with back problems and other stability issues

  • ASET Fit2Run-Qualified with Newcastle College. Special course I studied designed for helping and advising long distance runners

  • Great2Run BTEC First Certificate in Sport-2005

  • The Wright Foundation-GP Referral Qualified (RPC-Referral Programme Consultant) 2005

  • CPR and First Aid certified

  • ISKA Certificate in Contact Sports and Exercise-2004

  • Member of Register of Exercise Professionals

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