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I believe in a balanced approach to health and fitness in which strength training is combined with balance, joint stability and core training. I look at the body and its movements as an integrated whole, and in doing so I can identify where weak links and muscle imbalances may exist; this important information lays the foundation for a balanced fitness regimen in which the individual needs of the client are taken into consideration. My goal as a trainer is to provide a balanced approach to your fitness routine in a safe and supportive environment in which you will learn proper lifting technique in a pain- free range of motion. I believe that your workouts should not inhibit your daily lives, rather they should be enhanced by it; therefore I strive to educate my clients on how to keep their bodies safe while working out as well as in daily activities; thereby decreasing the risk for pain and injury. I believe in the body's ability to heal itself provided the right conditions- my goal is to help you create these conditions within your workout to tap into your body's inherent ability to heal itself...leading to an improved quality of life.


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  • £33 / hr per session

  • Strapped for cash? Ask about our new 30 minute powerblast sessions!!

Personal training studio West Ealing Uxbridge road

Energise gym Acton next to acton college

Home visits or parks,
Shepherds bush,
Ealing Common,
South Ealing,
Northfields avenue,

  • Sport Specific Training

  • Muscle Gain (hypertrophy)

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Weight Management

  • Injury Rehabilitation

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise for the Older Client

  • Health and Lifestyle

  • Lifetime PT Level 3

  • Nutrition Through Sport

  • Advanced Circuits

  • Primal Flow

  • FA Coaching Level 1 + 2

  • Community

  • Sports Leadership

  • ViPR Certified

  • Bulgarian Bag Certified

  • Boxercise Certified

  • TRX Training Certified

  • Kettle Bells Certified

  • Animal Flow certified

  • First Aid Certificate

  • Fitness Level: Personal training level 3 active IQ life time

  • Registration No: 500-8820/8 Membership Number- R0121709


Jack has an uncanny ability to sense how far he can push us just before we reach the breaking point. Thus he manages to get the most out of us, whipping us in shape in less time that we could have hoped for.
I have never thought that I will be looking forward to boot camp, but the drills are always changing, keeping all muscles busy every time without fail. In the first weeks I needed half a day to recover just lying in bed and not being able to do much more, but now I am addicted to the jolt of energy I get every time at the end of our workouts.

Jack’s boot camp is suitable for people of all ages and shapes, and the feeling of having survived each session is a huge boost of energy and self-confidence. I was a member of a nice gym for a couple of years but boot camp in the park is so much more fun and so much more effective. Highly recommend it for both slackers who are contemplating getting off the couch as well as gym fanatics and everyone in between.

Kiril Stanilov

'I had tried so many different ways to loose weight and tone up. It wasn't till I started working with Jack that I saw a real difference in my body. Every session was different, both one on one and group class were tough but motivating. I noticed a huge difference in less than a month and have been incredibly pleased with the result. He is very good at pushing you and making you want to achieve the best in yourself'

Natasha Codgrington

Jack is a great PT. He really helped me get back into exercise and toned up. He responded to the exercises that I enjoyed and built a programme that really worked for me. I would definitely recommend him to other people. Thanks Jack!

Charlotte Codgrington

These session are great for anyone keen to get fit. My wife and I are both over 50 and have very different experience of fitness training, she has none at all but we still both get a great deal out of Jack's sessions. There is a lot of variety to keep it interesting and although Jack pushes you it doesn't matter what level you are at you can still be part of the same session as everyone else. We have both lost weight and are much much fitter than when we started in the spring.'

John Doran

Really enjoyed working with Jack and looked forward to my sessions with him. He pushed me much harder than I pushed myself and it was great to feel fitter and see my body change. He kept it interesting with different exercises each session using weights, fitness tests and interval training/circuit training. Even at my home Jack was innovative with weights. He gave me lists of exercises to do on holiday and researched exercises for my bad back. He also gave me ideas on eating habits and what to eat before and after a session.

Janet Walker

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