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Filip Kozlowski

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I’m Filip. I’ve begun my adventure with health and fitness a couple years ago whilst still completing my compulsory education. I have decided to qualify myself as a personal trainer in order to help people get fitter and healthier because I personally believe improving those factors can really increase the general quality of life and lead to a happier, longer and healthier life. I specialise in constructing specific training sessions suited to my clients’ preferences, needs and goals making the sessions effective and enjoyable. I also provide nutritional guidance and advice to clients who are interested to go one step further and make a healthier change in their daily diets. If you’re looking for a personal trainer that will suit YOUR needs, look no further.


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  • £25 / hr per session

  • 30 Minute and 1 Hour sessions available

Outdoors/Home Sessions around Greenford/Northolt/Southall/Ealing areas.

  • Resistance Training

  • Bodyweight Training

  • Weight Loss

  • Functional Training

  • Core Training

  • Muscle Gain

  • CYQ Level 2 Fitness Instructing

  • CYQ Level 3 Personal Training

  • Fitness Level: Level 3 Personal Training

  • Registration No: 500/8259/0


Filip is a young but experienced Personal Trainer. I have had a previous PT for over 4 years until she decided to move to Canada. In the meantime, I had a major ankle surgery leaving me with no training for 5 months. I was looking for a Personal Trainer who'd know how to get around the injury and get me moving again but to also give me a good push each session; Filip has provided me with the push I needed without putting my injury at risk as he consistently monitored my well being during the sessions to make sure any possibility of injury is avoided.


Filip is a great trainer who pushes me to achieve the best results. He always listens to what I have to say in terms of what I like and dislike in the sessions. I love working out with him and look forward to our future sessions.


Having worked with Filip, I've never felt more motivated about fitness. His drive to work is contagious and I feel the impact with every session.
In a very short time he's helped me with my form and breathing. I don't only learn from him, but also enjoy working out.
He demonstrated his passion for fitness when he personalized workouts to fit my health and well being. He's flexible and realistic with goals. Filip is friendly, caring, warm and talented and I like to think of him as a Marshall with a smile at the gym; tough, but he'll get you through it.

Avneet Dhanjal

I would like to say just in a few words how much i am enjoying pd sessions at gym with Filip. I feel i have benefited enormously from it, my posture has much improved and i find Filip to be very knowledgeable in what he shows me and easy to get on with. Much of what I was already doing on my own was wrong and now i have been put on the right track by Filip. I look forward to continuing with these sessions.

Jim O'Sacciuor

Filip is an excellent personal trainer and is really attentive to each clients' needs.
From my first session with him, I felt very comfortable and supported. He encourages you to give 100% each session, and recognizes when you are struggling or when you are doing well.
His goals for you each session are not unrealistic, and never have I felt like I cannot achieve the workout plan he has planned for me that day.
I have learnt a lot from working out with him in the last month or so, and look forward to our future PT sessions!

Raj Khosa

Fill is an inspiration. He provides a tailored plan with just enough push and a bit of pull. Not only a physical routine but a workout with motivational humour and the philosophy of body, mind an sweat. What I would previously avoided as boring repetitive a exercise is now something to look forward as the wake me up for the working day.

Ewan Edmondson

Filip discusses with the client and assesses each person's needs before he plans an individual programme. He will check at the beginning of each session that the client is well and has no problems with following the training programme.
He is encouraging with a friendly and polite manner and is professional in the way he runs individual and group sessions.

Rosalina Tobim

I have been attending Filip's core training classes since they started about 2 months ago, he is very good and tries very hard; I really enjoy the training.

Pradip Chava

I had 5 1 hr sessions with Filip every Tuesday which involved the cross trainer, treadmill, medicine ball, and TRX suspension trainer. I've seen improvements in my lower back pain which I've been having trouble with for years due to bad posture and Filip helped me strengthen that. For a good workout I highly recommend Filip.

Ninos Warde

I took a few sessions with Filip because I was looking for someone to help me get back into the gym after a small break. All the sessions very well planned out, Filip managed to get me on track and started from the basics which was exactly what I needed. Overall, Filip is a very motivating and knowledgeable PT and I highly recommend him.

Mateusz Skup

My first personal trainer was an absolute stunner. Being very motivational during our training I achieved better results than I expected. His knowledge helped me understand how my body works allowing me to achieve a higher understanding of exercise and fitness as well as better results.

Sebastian Baranowski

I would highly recommend Filip as a personal trainer because of his great qualities: professionalism, approachability and his sense of humour. Working with him I obtained great results and I enjoyed every second of working together.

Ewa Gebicka

Filip kept me constantly motivated throughout our week training. He taught me all the appropriate exercises which helped me tone up and strengthen my lower body, overall Filip is a very professional trainer and a nice person to work with. It only took him 6 weeks to help me achieve the results I wanted!

Shorna Arif

Firstly I have never had a personal trainer, prior to Filip. His core classes are testing but beneficial.
The danger with classes is that they can become static but the routine is changed and items of equipment are added to keep it interesting.

Regarding the gym sessions; again, time is taken to ascertain the clients’ requirements and goals and a programme drawn up to reflect this, the exercises are demonstrated, monitored and results recorded. To create and run a business from ‘scratch’ in such a competitive field at your early years is noble and adventurous.

To summarize, I would recommend your services to anyone who asked.

Hari Sangha

Filip really understands fitness. His sessions though tough are fun. He is very professional and if you commit you’ll definitely achieve the results you want.

Patricia Cooper

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