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Everyone has opinion about what fitness is, or at least what it is to them. Some people think its about strength, for some its endurance and for others its about working at high intensity. No matter what method people are interested in the common principle governing greatness in any discipline is technique. Technique is your foundation, and that starts with how well you can perform any given movement. If movement is the foundation of technique then surely mobility and flexibility specific for any given exercise should be your first consideration. By the way flexibility has little to do with you being able to perform the splits, though if you can do that, that’s awesome, and you're awesome. When I founded Evolution Fitness & Nutrition I was just like any other personal trainer, or so I thought. After some time I realised that the majority of personal trainers, even the more “experienced” ones didn't share the same principles of fitness as I do. I realised I am not a personal trainer at all, I am a personal coach. What's the difference? The High Intensity Example: High intensity workouts have become the trend over the last several years. The problem with working at high intensity with a cross section of individuals is that most people are not physically equipped in basic foundation exercises to really work effectively at high intensity. So to ask someone to do an advanced plyo push up when they can't even do a single rep of a regular push up with good technique makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. However working out at high intensity can “SEEM” like you're working out in a smart way, but the reality is, if you have a poor default movement pattern for the exercises you're doing, the chances of you progressing to more advanced exercises will be limited. I enjoy coaching individuals in a systematic way so they can perform an exercise with great technique, that way they can train by themselves to a high standard, and progress to more advanced movements. I'm not interested in stringing people along just to make more money. I want to help people to get a better understanding of there bodies and find out what they're actually capable of doing with it. Evolution Fitness & Nutrition is exactly that, though actually we approach these ideas in the reverse order. Nutrition first, you can't out train a bad diet. It may surprise you to learn that up to 80% of all weight loss and peak performance gains are down to your nutrition. Other benefits of proper nutrition are balanced hormone and insulin levels, permanent weight loss, prevention of disease, and the achievement of maximum physical performance. Then fitness. We approach fitness systematically pairing strength and mobility into our programming. Mobility and flexibility, strength and conditioning, power and endurance. An evolving body shape. Well aesthetics are a physical side effect of great training techniques, and that's what clients get with our programming, whether its personal coaching, online coaching or our S.M.A.R.T group coaching. Function, Fitness, Freedom, Fun.


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  • £40 / hr per session

  • Discounts on all block bookings
  • 5 Natural Strength Yoga Sessions £30
  • Natural Bodies S.M.A.R.T Group Coaching from £49 per month

Warrington WA2 8UD and Liverpool

  • Elite Calisthenics

  • Natural Strength Yoga

  • Evolved Combatives

  • Evolution Primal Movement

  • Mobility and Flexibility

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Power and Endurance

  • Weight Management (Lose in body fat%)

  • Elite Calisthenics Specialist

  • Level 3 Elite Personal Training

  • Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga Diploma

  • Diploma in Pilates

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Circuit Training

  • Gym Based Boxing

  • Spinning

  • Fitness Level: Level 3 Elite Personal Trainer


“I have trained with Eugene for 2 years now and have achieved things I never even thought I was capable of doing, I thought only men could do pull ups! As a group coach Eugene’s ‘Natural Bodies’ sessions are always varied and interesting and even though we are constantly challenged it is always fun. I've learnt so much about exercise techniques and nutrition and am now able to do exercises that I never thought possible.

Paula Bennett

I started training with Eugene almost a year ago in a bid to increase my strength after years of mainly running appeared to be leaving me with countless injuries. What I have achieved with Eugene’s help is far more than this.

Eugene’s approach has completely changed my attitude towards training and has made me realise you don’t have to leave the gym dripping in sweat to feel you’ve worked hard. He has helped me understand the importance of correct form and I have benefited hugely from his style of training by becoming so much stronger and leaner with a much improved posture.

Eugene has a great way of getting more out of you and helping you reach your goals. If there is a movement or exercise I think I can’t do, it is broken down to help me manage it, which always means that without realising I achieve what I believed to be impossible and would never have attempted on my own. There is no pressure, no shouting, no humiliation, just pure encouragement and belief.

He is willing to share his expert knowledge and his passion for training is infectious and leaves you with a desire to learn more. He is unassuming and his dedication is clear and he has been nothing but encouraging and supportive. My sessions with Eugene have become such an important part of my week and I look forward to every single one. I cannot recommend Eugene enough.

Sarah Lewis

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