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Danny Yeomans


Danny has been a personal trainer for over 20 years working with clients from all walks of life with different goals and aspirations. Danny continues to develop as a trainer by attending workshops and seminars on all different fitness related topics and he prides himself on being a very knowledgeable and up to date personal training. So whatever your goals are Danny can put together the right training sessions to make sure you achieve what you set out to achieve. Over the past 10 years Danny has specialised in Golf fitness working with professional golfer as well as ameature golfers. Danny has qualified through TPI (Titleist performance institute) and is a level 1 fitness trainer. Danny spent time in 2016 attending the FMS (Functional movement systems) seminars that were held in London and he completed and pass level 1 & 2. So when you work with Danny you have piece of mind that you are working with a trainer that has a very good standard of Knowledge.


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  • £50 / hr per session

  • 3 Session Package

Unit 7 Brooke Court
Blakeney Road
Greater London

  • Body Transformation

  • Functional Training

  • Corrective exercise

  • Posture assessment & correction

  • functional movement Screenings

  • core conditioning

  • Golf fitness/conditioning

  • CHEK Practitioner Level 1

  • Functional movement Systems (FMS) Level 1 & 2

  • Titleist performance Institute Level 1(TPI)

  • REPS Level 3 trainer

Qualified with:

  • Fitness Level: Reps Level 4 trainer

  • Registration No: R0013816


Danny understands golf and what it is to be an athlete. He keeps you in check with good humour and works with you (and other members of a team) to achieve more than you are currently capable of. He has the ability to juggle the needs the of the present whilst making your future needs easier. This is mainly done by understanding the individual, their logic and reasoning to make changes seem easier. With his own thirst for knowledge, you know your sessions won't be stale and will always test you, regardless of your ability or athletic state.

Tristan Lee

I have asked Danny to help my 80 year old mother in regaining strength and stability while walking. She has lost her muscles due to a long illness and has been falling and hurting herself very often. She has terrible arthritis and is in constant pain. She is terribly scared of moving and of doing any form of exercise. Nevertheless, I felt it was worth asking Danny to try to get my mother to accept doing exercises with him.

My mother immediately sensed Danny knew what he was doing and understood her condition. His knowledge regarding muscle and ligament functions is obvious. She now waits for him to come and is very keen to do exercises with him. I was not expecting such enthusiasm from her. It is thanks to the fact that Danny is not only competent but shows just the right amount of compassion while making sure that people feel confident in him, trust him and actually do as they are told to do. He adds in a lovely sense of humour that makes the whole session very enjoyable. He inspires confidence.

It is too early to know whether my mother’s walking abilities will improve since she only started a couple of weeks ago but the fact that she feels the good it does to her is in itself a remarkable achievement considering how scared and worried she was at the start.

For any further queries, please contact me on

Claudine De Munter

I have been doing exercises weekly with Danny for the past 5 years. I started off because I had severe back pain requiring high doses of anti-inflammatory pain killers with a nasty looking back bone on an MRI scan. Danny understood immediately what exercise programme I required and within a few months, I was off pain killers. I have stayed off them ever since. I still do the exercises he programmes for me weekly because I know that the few times I have tried to stop exercises, the back pain started to recur.

Danny has been highly professional while having a great sense of humour. He clearly has a very good knowledge of the anatomy, muscle and ligament functions. He inspires confidence and one really feels he knows what he is doing and why. These personality characteristics are crucial in making me want to carry on doing these exercises with him.

For any further queries, please contact me on

Claudine De Munter

Following knee surgery 18 months ago, I have been training with Danny Yeomans, primarily to rehabilitate the muscles in my right leg. We have since extended my training to encompass all round fitness and strength.

Dannys knowledge of physiology is extensive, and I have learnt a great deal about how the body works, what muscles are working during any particular exercise, and when to stretch and rest areas of the body.

I would recommend Danny as a personal trainer to anyone, not only does he know what he’s talking about, but my sessions were always fun and enjoyable.

Should you wish to contact me in relation to this reference, please do not hesitate.

Best Regards

Mark Luckhurst

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