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Taking on the Challenge 10lbs at a time. Protecting Lean Mass and burning pure body fat. Hi Im Asad, Before I was PT, I was on the border line to being obese, having tried many different ways,. I could not find the right way of losing weight. My stress became my enemy, so I decided to research and learn, before I knew it I found myself studying to become a PT, on my way I found VI UK and having combined Vi with healthy eating, and the right amount of exercise I can say I have found my road. Lets face it we all WANT to be HEALTHY, but with a busy lifestyle it's very hard right? because researching is like 'were do I start?' Stop your Worry, Contact me today, find out how I can help? Remember you never really stop learning! you about to learn your way into a better healthy lifestyle.


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  • £35 / hr per session

  • 5 sessions @ £160.00
  • Vi's 90 day challenge @ £405- Free Workout Plan
  • Free 3 Joe Wicks best sellers (pdf books))
  • Couples big day package

I am a Freelance based at better Leyton Leisure Centre, E10

Can train with you in any Waltham forest better gym. This does cover E4, E10, E11, E17

  • Weight management

  • cardiovascular Training

  • Bodybuilding

  • HIIT

  • TRX Suspension training

  • Vi's 90 day Challenge (it the HOT option that fits around your current lifestyle)

  • L2 - Gym Instructor (Gym Technician)

  • L3 - Personal Trainer (Full Body Engineer)

  • L4 GP Referral Specialist.

Qualified with:

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