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Alan Gordon. MSc. BSc.(Hons 1st) CEPA. BASES. GCMAS.

Alan Gordon Health & Wellbeing.

Alan Gordon is one of only 18 Biomechanists in the entire UK and personal training - is just one of the specialist services that Biomechanists provide. Such is Alan's expertise - that he has been retained to privately assess a little short of 3,000 personal trainers since March 2002. An advanced expert in Fitness/Exercise and Injury - Alan is the only Biomechanist anywhere - who also has a First Class Honours Degree in Nutrition amongst his qualifications, as well as his Masters Degree in Biomechanics and Applied Human Movement. All of his qualifications in total have taken 11 years to achieve. His specialist fields are - the Over 50s of both genders. Weigh Loss - Management and Women's Exercise, Injury and Nutrition - within which zones he has 47 years of experience. Amongst his exercise clients - Alan has GPs, Physios, Osteopaths, Pilates teachers,Yoga teachers and personal trainers - in addition to perfectly straightforward, everyday - non exercise/medical people. Go to his website homepage - and click on the link to discover exactly what a Biomechanist is. You will then fully appreciate, just how much of an expert you would have looking after you. His website testimonials section - speaks for itself! The one- to- one personal training process from a Biomechanist, dramatically re-defines - what the very vast majority of people think (because of their past experience of it) and are completely certain of in their own minds - is REAL personal training. Without doubt - the Biomechanist dramatically re-writes the book on it! Dianna Lloyd-Hughes. BSc.(Hons 1st) Sport & Exercise Science.


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  • £50 / hr per session

  • 10 sessions for the price of 9 ... by advance booking 10 sessions.

Oxford, Woodstock, Burford, Chipping Norton, Moreton in Marsh, Evesham, The Broadway, Chipping Campden, Bourton on the Water, Stow on the Wold.

  • The Over 50s of both genders. their Exercise Injury and Nutrition - but specialising in Female Specific Exercise Injury and Nutrition. In matters of Injury and Rehabilitation - Alan is very highly recommended by several GPs and by Professor Sallie Lamb. Oxford University Kadoorie Professor of Trauma Rehabilitation.

  • Alan is the only Biomechanist with a Nutrition degree. Masters Degree in Biomechanics and Applied Human Movement. Hons 1st Degree Sports Nutrition. Advanced Diploma Clinical Sports Therapy. Advanced Diploma Clinical Stress Management. Over 40 years experience. Clinical Exercise Physiology Association. British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences. Gait and Clinical Movemernt Analysis Society.


Many many thanks Alan. You repairing the true cost of the rapid weight loss I thought was blissfully great at the time, is a real blessing. I depressingly thought I was permanently stuck with the joint probs my trainer left me with after my ‘quick fix’ time with her, but thanks v v much, for getting me back into a pain free daily life.

Ms Christine Soames

My MS is all about good management which I already knew, but after negligible results from gyms, a personal trainer and two physios, a grin and bear it feeling was in place. Then I worked with Alan and all points are much better for me nowadays from my balance to my strength to my suppleness and this grateful verbal slap on the back for him, is to make sure people know just how much of a markedly positive difference he’s made for me.

Melanie Hammond

As a down to earth businessman with a no messing view of life, when the pains in my middle back flared up yet again, I grudgingly went to Alan, but only because my wife Chloe kept mentioning it over and over and over again!

I’d already been to Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physios without any realistic result, so was very short on faith, but this turned out to be an education. He found the origin of my middle back problem was behind my knees; something my other practitioners hadn’t sussed out.

Alan also told me I had two other problems brewing quietly in the background, but I had no idea at the time they were happening.After he pointed out the signs he’d spotted and explained the meaning of them, it all made sense, and I’ve since nipped those two other probs in the bud before they had a chance to develop sneakily and become nasty. So it’s now a case of …back problem? What back problem? I highly recommend working with Alan.

William Maynard

When I was asked if I would recommend Alan Gordon to anyone, I was only too pleased to do so, as he has helped me immensely by improving my quality of life through exercise and nutrition.

I was a very nervous exerciser, partly due to very bad experiences with personal trainers in Cambridge, and suffered from a lower back problems as a result. I was advised by a friend to retain Alan because he was a Biomechanist, and explained to me what one was and their capability levels. Nevertheless I was still very wary, and I freely confess that if my husband hadn’t insisted on driving me to it, I would probably have backed out of my first meeting with Alan. I’m so pleased to report that I no longer have a back problem, exercise pain free, so I sleep better and rarely suffer at all with the stress that often laid me low for ages on so many occasions in the past.

I also have a trimmer figure, which at 54 is something that I’m over the moon about. Alan’s refined know-how of physiology and body movement, analysed the physical reasons as to why I had suffered with my back during attempts to exercise in the past. The actual trail of movements which caused it when exercising were so small, that they weren’t spotted by my personal trainer in Cambridge.

It’s high time even more people were aware of Alan’s tremendous knowledge and skills. Although I’ve now been living in London for five months and obliged to use another trainer here, despite carefully searching the marketplace for a suitable person, to this day, Alan is still the most technically accomplished and skilled that I have ever experienced.”

Mrs Katarina Brummer

Alan Gordon has been my trainer for 3 years. Before moving from London I had 5 different personal trainers over a period of two and a half years, so I have very solid experience of the quality and level of what is on offer in this area. I also know perfectly well that I am a well-informed and very demanding client, who is difficult to please.

Because he’s a Biomechanist with over four decades of experience, his knowledge of human mechanics and exercise and injury repair methods are really outstanding, and my results under his guidance have finally been the excellent ones I’d been trying to achieve in London for an irritatingly long time, but always failed.

I can honestly say, that despite all being qualified, my London trainers were proverbially, not in the same league and I would heartily recommend anyone looking for a genuine exercise, injury and nutritional expert to hire him.

Ms Sarah Nagle.

As a busy medic needing to confidently refer my patients only to knowledgeable, well qualified and experienced people, my discovery of Biomechanist Alan Gordon was a very fortunate circumstance. For many years I have always been particularly concerned about the quality and level of technical training and knowledge that personal trainers possess and have distinct reservations about delivering anyone in my care, into the hands of anybody less than a proven expert.

Being made aware of Alan by a colleague in Henley was a fortuitous recommendation and his abilities have for me, defined what an exercise and movement expert should be. As well as attending to injury referrals from my practice, he has also helped patients with obesity, nutrition and specific fitness issues and full credit to him; because each and every time he fulfilled my expectations splendidly.

Without any hesitation, I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking realistically expert attention and advice in matters of exercise, injury and nutrition. In conclusion it came as no surprise to learn, that when the late Nuffield Hospital Trust private healthcare organisation was in operation, Alan was the only external exercise and injury professional they recommended.

Dr Hugh Weldon. FRCP.

“Dianna asking me would I provide some comment for Alan’s testimonials section, was definitely a ‘no probs’ yes answer, as working with him has exploded my whole grasp of what my previous experience of personal training, led me to believe was specialised and body designed for just me.

Alan’s levels of knowledge and skills, especially in body movement and analysing someone’s physical mechanics are very smart. He’s produced exercise design and a way forward for me, that’s based on how only my body moves and reacts, and takes into account my 48 years on the planet too!. Like Sarah Nagle in these testimonials, I also lived in London for a good many years and worked with three or four personal trainers there , but moving to Oxford and working with Alan, was a big wake up call as to what a real McCoy expert is.

I’m pleased as punch my results have been even better than I expected and its upped my confidence no end. It’s almost a totally different process to what I previously had in London, but until Alan I’d never met a Biomechanist before and benefited from the high level skills at spotting, analysing and putting right all my body highs and lows.

The analysis and testing he does is obviously very technical, but the results that he’s worked into the exercise type and order he gives me, couldn’t be easier to understand. So I’m seriously recommending him here and would definitely bet big time, that like I used to be, (dead certain that I knew what real deal personal training was) there’s probably a hefty load of people out there, who think exactly the same. But from a real deal aspect, get nothing anywhere near this seriously smart expert level.

Mrs Judith Dawson

I have worked with Alan Gordon in the clinical management of patients with orthopaedic and sports related injuries. He is a highly knowledgeable professional, very skilled and adept in many aspects of training – including rehabilitation after Injury, Nutrition and Exercise Biomechanics. Patients have always found Alan’s close attention to detail, his depth of knowledge and caring/ encouraging attitude highly reassuring. He has helped a great many people with complex injuries and problems, regain their confidence and maximum physical function.”

Professor Sallie Lamb. Oxford University's Kadoorie Professor of Trauma Rehabilitation.

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