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The program has turned over 550 Brand New Personal Trainers into successful PT Business Owners inside 60 Days.

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Already have a trainer account? Upgrade to PRO from the Pro Coaching section in your Dashboard.

Would you like me to give you the exact steps needed to grow

a fully-booked personal training business without having to spend years studying sales?

How about I also give you access to elite business mentors, a step-by-step process to finding your ideal clients, done-for-you sales scripts and advertising campaigns, all for less than the cost of a tub of protein powder.

Hi, it's Alex Hatzidakis, Founder of Top Local Trainer Here.

Keep reading OK? Because I'm going to tell you:

  • How I went from a dyslexic, useless personal trainer who couldn’t even land a single client ... to a super successful PT pulling down over £6k a month, inside 6 months.
  • How I routinely take beginner PTs ... (over 550 and counting so far) and turn them into hotshot trainers bringing in £36-62k per year in their first year as a PT.
  • The single most important thing you MUST do if you want to succeed as a personal trainer that makes it virtually impossible to fail.
  • How following in the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs guarantees you get (and KEEP) clients.
  • The DIRTY SECRET personal training qualification companies don’t want you to know before they charge you a big fat of wad.

Here's the deal:

If you work with me you are 95% guaranteed to succeed at building a 6 figure PT business.

Not the usual 100% Alex?

Afraid not buddy.

So far, I've helped over 550 PTs as a national manager for the biggest personal training management company in the UK.

I work with over 200 PTs a month.

But only 95 out of 100 succeed.

The ones that it doesn’t out work with weren’t able to follow simple instructions and take action.

Or personal training just wasn’t for them.

They're happier in a typical office job. Stuck behind a computer for 40+ hours a week. And that’s okay. Not everyone is cut out to work for themselves, to improve the lives of their clients, and to take action toward a sustainable, consistent, predictable income as a trainer.

Ricky Potter

Record Breaking Personal Trainer

Watch now to hear how Ricky landed 12 new clients in only 3 weeks!

Here’s The Shocking Secret The Big Personal Training Qualification Companies Don’t Want You To Know:

79% of PTs Fail In Their First Year and 92% Have Failed By End Of Year 2

And that straight up sucks.

Sounds like you’re doomed to fail, right?

Well, maybe not. Just give me 5 minutes of your time, and I will show you how, with the right approach, you can bulletproof your career, learn easy ways to get your perfect clients, and (ethically) earn big money for your services ... all while delivering life-changing results.

You in?

Have you qualified as a personal trainer and now feel like:

  • You've been left out in the cold on your own trying to figure out how to make a living with no-one to help?
  • You're fighting for scraps with all the other PTs crammed into your gym?
  • The thought of approaching strangers at the gym and selling them makes you want to go and hide in a dark cupboard?

If so, I’ve got great news ...

The solution genuinely is straightforward, simple, and, dare I say it - easy.

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I know you’ve heard it all before -
- On your PT course
- From Internet gurus
- From business coaches
- At local networking meetings
- And those oh-so-annoying and cringe-worthy ads that pop up about ‘6-Figure Fit Pros’ on Facebook.
So, the question you’re probably asking is -

How am I able to help VIRTUALLY ALL my PTs succeed when on average almost all fail?

How do I help them build a rewarding career and business that floods their bank account with plenty of cash every single month?

Well I stumbled on the secret to PT success through my own career...

When I stareted as a PT I was flat out CRAP at it!

I’m heavily dyslexic, so school was always a struggle for me. I used to need a teaching assistant to read me all the questions in tests and write my answers for me.

Kind of embarrassing when everyone else is silently taking tests and you’ve got someone blaring out the questions to you right?

So the typical office career was definitely not for me.

I got into PT because I had this manager job of a kind of leisure centre that I hated. It was the typical 9-5 dealing with bullshit, whingy customers and having a nagging boss.

All while sitting behind the dreaded computer all day (remember I said just said I’m not cut out for office jobs? What was I thinking?)

Eventually I was bloody sick of it! So I took the leap and became a personal trainer.

It was so risky. I barely had 2 pennies to rub together and used up all my money getting qualified.

In fact, I had to borrow £300 from mum to pay my first month’s gym rent.

That really put the pressure on because I HATE letting people down, especially my family.

But it got worse. Week after week I FAILED to get a single client.

I had paid hundreds to become qualified and pay to work in the gym. I could see the other PTs around me working with client after client. I was just some mug without a single client spending all day at the gym.

I spent my first 4 weeks shitting myself. I couldn't get a single client if my life depended on it.

I felt totally worthless.

The embarrassment and guilt of letting my mum down and having to admit to my mates that I had failed in my new career was looming over my head like a massive dark cloud. 

I had no idea how to get clients and worst of all I was TERRIFIED of walking up to strangers in the gym and being rejected.

When I managed to work up the courage to talk to people in the gym I was such a nervous wreck they would get away from me as fast as they could!

I was broke, failing miserably, and depressed.

But after 4 weeks of constant failure, I MASSIVELY turned things around.

I built a £6k a month PT business income in less than 6 months.

But more on that in a minute...

Get Pro Coaching Access

How Mark Zuckerberg Made £42,862,400,000


That’s £42.8 BILLION if you’re as bad with numbers as me.

Mark was just a kid when he started to build one of the world’s largest companies today with billions in revenue and thousands of employees.

Do you reckon he knew how to do all that on his own?

Of course he didn’t!


Mark had Steve Jobs, as his mentor


If you were building a tech company, reckon you’d do ok with the founder and CEO of Apple as your mentor?

Yeah. Me too.

Behind EVERY great success you’ve ever heard of there’s ALWAYS a mentor.


NOBODY achieves something remarkable on their own:

  • Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder) had Paul Allen.

  • Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post) had Bernard Levin.

  • Richard Branson (Virgin Active) had Sir Freddie Laker.

Wherever you look, behind every successful person is an experienced mentor who has ‘been there done that’.

It’s too damn hard going it alone:

  • You MUST have someone experienced to steer you clear of the fatal mistakes that can kill your career before it even starts.

  • You need someone to give you the sneaky shortcuts to success (or that blueprint I mentioned earlier).

  • You’ve got to have someone to keep you focused and heading in the right direction, guiding you with the experience that only comes from having done exactly what you’re trying to do.

The truth is, with a good mentor, it’s pretty damn difficult to fail.

Hell, you’re trying to convince people that they need a fitness coach, but you don’t even have a coach of your own helping you build your business?

That’s a bit hypocritical isn’t it?

You’re a personal trainer, so you KNOW the power of a coach, a mentor, an experienced expert to guide you and teach you the right way to reach your goals.

Anyway, back to my story…


Thanks to my mentor I went from completely useless failure to more than £6k in income from personal training in less than 6 months.


See, I had a very successful personal trainer mentoring me. He had been in the game a long, long time.

Knew all the pit-falls. All the tricks.

Knew exactly what I was going to BALLS UP before I even knew I was going to do it.

But for my first 4 weeks I was too hard headed (or just dumb) to really listen to him.

It took me hitting rock bottom at the end of week four to be ready to really listen to the verbal kick up the backside he gave me.

Over the next 6 months he guided me from peak to peak, gaining more and more clients and having an income I honestly never dreamed I would make.

The truth is, if it wasn’t for my mentor I’m 100% certain I would have failed and ended up in a shitty job I hated the rest of my life.

See I had this huge problem to work through…


I was TERRIFIED of walking up to strangers in the gym and I HATED trying to selling people.


But, with the proven system I was given, it became painless.

It was embarrassment and awkwardness free.

I could just go and talk to people at the gym in a friendly way.

He showed me exactly what to say and what to do.

I actually enjoyed the sales side of personal training.

There was no hard-selling, no pressure, no cold sweats, clammy palms, and awkward silences.


All of a sudden the clients just started to flood in.


I got over my fear of talking to strangers and being rejected in a heart beat and was ready to absolutely SMASH it as a handsomely paid personal trainer.

I honestly can’t tell you how incredible it felt knowing that everything was going to be ok.

That I was going to get more and more clients and never have to worry about money again.

I now had this way to make money whenever I needed it, in a way that was fun, easy and rewarding.

I was totally over my crippling fear of approaching strangers and rejection.

See, here’s the thing:


You’re FLAT OUT WRONG if you think you need to be a pushy, salesy asshole to be a successful PT


  • You DON’T need to be an outgoing, ‘people person.’

  • You absolutely DO NOT need to be a pushy sales douche.

  • You DON’T need to be an experienced business person or personal trainer.

  • This ISN’T about waking up at 4am and spending 15 hours a day hassling people left right and centre until someone finally gives in and pays you.

  • You DON’T have to get your kit off, post all over social media daily and enter figure model competitions (unless you fancy it – and hey, we’ve gotta get our kicks somehow, right?)

The truth is that every week I watch brand new beginner PTs go from having no clients and zero sales skills …

… To getting clients with absolute ease.

I realised that I simply HAD to put this into a system that ANY personal trainer could learn quickly and easily.


And that’s why I created Top Local Trainer Pro Coaching.

Between us, my team an I are masters at (ethically) selling personal training, getting streams of new clients, having incredible retention rates, earning what we’re worth, writing compelling sales copy, running laser-targeted ad campaigns, and ultimately –

Building a successful, sustainable, financially-rewarding Personal Training career than provides fun and freedom.


Here’s Just Some Of what Top Local Trainer Pro Coaching Students Learn …


  • The secret to converting over half your complementary sessions into paying clients without being a pushy asshole.

  • The biggest obstacle…that you have no idea is in your way…stopping you from becoming a massive earning, successful personal trainer.

  • How to generate a constant flood of new leads in a fun, easy way without spending any

  • How to make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for someone to not take you up on your services.

  • A full ‘say the words, get the money sales script for every step of the client getting process that is repeatable over and over.

  • How to ONLY work with the kind of clients you like to, that love and respect you and your time and are happy to pay a shit-ton for it!

  • What you must do right before any complementary session you give to guarantee they turn up and don’t waste your time.

  • The absolute WORST thing to say to a potential new client when you first approach them.

  • PLUS how to get your leads to buy almost anything from you using a sneaky trick that positions you in their mind as an undeniable expert.

  • My Sales Script Telling You Exactly What To Say And Do…Making Your Success Just A Formality

  • How to walk up to 10 people in ANY gym and effortlessly book half a dozen complementary sessions.

  • The secret to ‘fun sales’ and ethically charging a premium price for your training.

I’ve made a very successful career out of taking just about any ‘fresh off the streets’ new PT, with little to no talent…

and turning them into a successful personal trainer in less than 60 days.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you know exactly how to convince people to become your clients and put money in your pockets like clock-work month after month.


Having gone from a total failure as a PT to routinely bringing in over £6k a month. Trust me, it’s one of the best feelings in the world!


Here’s exactly what you get with Top Local Trainer Pro Coaching


1. Access to Expert Mentoring from Guys Who’ve ‘Been There and Done That’

Going it alone in the PT world is scary.

You’re never sure if you’re marketing yourself right, using advertising that works, and finding clients is often like finding needles in a haystack.

I understand that, and that’s why the first component of TLT Pro Coaching is access to elite level group mentoring, where you get accountability, access to top business coaches and intervention speakers, and fresh, regular content.

We do all this so you have complete confidence and certainty you will succeed.

We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do, every step of the way. And you can ask absolutely anything in the group.

Whatever obstacle you’re facing, we’ve seen it before and know EXACTLY how to fix the problem quickly and easily.


2. The 4 Module Video Course

Video Module 1 – Getting Leads:

  • I go through the exact strategy my PTs use to approach strangers in the gym and convert 4 out of 10 into complementary sessions WITHOUT being the typical pushy, annoying PT.

  • How to make it an easy, effortless process with ZERO anxiousness and awkwardness leaving you both feeling good – whether they are interested or not.

  • You’ll build this into an automatic process to have a constant stream of leads on what feels like autopilot.

  • A quick mindset trick to instantly fill yourself with confidence before approaching people.

  • How to not even care when people are interested in your services and finally conquer your fear of approaching strangers and rejection.

This module is all about a MASSIVE shift in mindset and your approach that completely FREES you and will make this whole process a lot of fun.

It turns into such an automatic habit that I still get myself in trouble when I’m just chatting to people at the gym I train at and they ask me to train them at the end (this honestly happened last week!).


Video Module 2 – The Bridge

  • One of my most powerful weapons to get to know what makes a complete stranger tick deep-down in a matter of minutes.

  • Find their true fitness goal – (Hint: it’s NEVER what they tell you first time around).

  • Find their drivers – These are the ‘buzz’ words that have extreme power over them. Use them at the right time and you’ll have them more excited than a puppy going for walkies!

  • Find their deep emotional barriers – ever have a client or lead just weirdly not do what they said they would? This is where you figure out exactly what this person will do to sabotage their progress and how to avoid it.

  • The 3 yes’s – a sneaky mind trick to have the client eating out of your hand and ready to do whatever you tell them.

  • The prescription – a powerful shift that allows you to convert 50% of your complementary sessions into clients effortlessly.

You don’t have to ‘sell’. You don’t have to be pushy. It’s like being a doctor in a lab coat they just do what you prescribe because they know and trust you as their expert fitness consultant. 

Seriously this stuff is so powerful I always give a strong warning. You HAVE to use this stuff for good and only offer you clients what is truly in their best interests.

It’s so powerful you could convince people to buy all kinds of crap from you, which is why I will only work with good, people with morals (more on that later).


Video Module 3 – The Complementary Session

  • I show you EXACTLY how to use The Bridge Model during a complementary session. 

  • I go through the exact ‘sales script’ of precisely what to say and do and when during each stage of a complementary session.

  • I tell you exactly what to do if they say no to your services to still sway them into becoming a client – converting up to 50% of your complementary sessions into paying clients.

  • I show you how to still make money out of complementary sessions even if they don’t take you up on personal training.

Video Module 4 – Maximizing Your PT Business Profits

  • The ‘Ice Cream Flavours’ strategy – how to make money out of 75% of the complementary sessions you give.

  • How to increase your income when you’ve already got as many PT clients as you can handle. Make more money without putting in more hours.

  • How to add an extra £6,000 to £26,000 of ADDITIONAL income on top of your 1-2-1 personal training sessions.

The videos are available anytime for you to re-watch and pick out new details from or find things to ask me about in our weekly calls.


3. PDF sales script downloads

Everything that I go through in the videos, every word to say is available in a PDF download.

So you can study and memorise every word so you know EXACTLY what to say to get clients effortlessly.

The words have helped hundreds and hundreds of personal trainers build big, consistent incomes with bags of happy clients.


4. Group Mentoring

Through our exclusive (private) TLT Pro-Coaching Facebook group, not only can you talk with other PTs to share ideas, learn what’s working now, and become part of the fastest-growing group of elite personal trainers in the country …

… but you also gain access to daily Q&As, fresh content uploaded weekly, webinars, and can ‘pick the brains’ of sales, marketing, advertising and copywriting experts who we’ve got to come on board.


5. Lead Gen You Can Steal

Want to know how to craft a Facebook ad that guarantees new leads?

How about a piece for your local paper?

A flyer for your gym that stands out from everyone else?

We’ve got you covered.

At TLT, we’ve tried enough marketing tactics to know what does and doesn’t work. We’ve taken the best of the best, and packaged it so you can take it, and use it for yourself.

It’s our gift to you.


6. The ‘Perfect Customer’ Avatar Analysis

You know that saying – “Jack of All Trades, Master of None?”

Well, the #1 reason why most PTs fail is because they try to target every single person out there.

This is the exact WRONG way to market.

You need a laser-focused niche …

A specific target market …

A demographic you can be the go-to guy/ girl for.

And we’ll show you how to do all this with our avatar analysis exercise.


7. Your Profile on the TLT Master Site

TLT isn’t just mentoring and coaching.

Our website gets thousands of hits every single month. In fact, if you Google – “Personal Trainer + [your town]” we’re probably somewhere near the top.

This means we get hundreds of potential clients for you every month. If your profile isn’t on there, these clients (and cash) are slipping through your fingers.

Because our site is so well established, it’s always going to rank extremely highly, and, unless you’ve got an AdWords budget of thousands, it’s going to be above yours.

That makes it a no-brainer decision.

£2,000 + on your own website, then even more every month for advertising?

Or £49.99/ month to be part of TLT?

Tough one …


8. More Jobs Than You Can Shake a Dumbbell At

Ok, so every training provider ‘guarantees’ you a job once you’re qualified.

We know that’s bogus, so I won’t insult your intelligence by saying I’ll give you your dream job in days.

If I’m honest, I’d rather teach you how to get all the business you want yourself.

But, if you would rather have the safety and security of a PT job, then thanks to my years in the industry, and the network I’ve built, we get best dibs on the top new PT jobs that come through, so you’ll see them before anyone else.


9. Masterclasses and Advanced Courses

We’re not talking the typical BOSU Ball class, or exercise to music here.

No Siree.

You’ll get exclusive access (and discounts) to the top fitness courses out there.

Whether you want to be a better trainer, a better marketer, or both, you’re in safe hands here.


10. Complete Copywriting Templates, Facebook Ads, Sales Conversations, Local Lead Gen, Gym Lean Gen, Social Media Lead Gen, Lead Funnel Generation, Business Templates.

Okay, so these are just words.

But, if I wrote out absolutely everything you got for a meagre £49.99 per month, you probably wouldn’t believe how much value we were offering.

So I figured I’d throw this final lot of bonuses at you in one go, and let you decide for yourself whether you’re ready to take action now, or just stay stuck, spinning your wheels, struggling and on your own.

With the combinations of videos, PDF script downloads AND me personally fighting your corner you have EVERYTHING you need to succeed as a personal trainer.

Have I got you excited yet?

Ready to get started and explode your PT business!?

Not so fast…

Here’s the thing.

Right now we manage over 200 personal trainers. And personally, I’m paid a small fortune to do so by the biggest PT management company in the UK.

We know there are some – how shall we say – ‘shady characters’ in the personal training industry. That’s how it’s always been, and how it always will be.

But we don’t want any of these here.

Also this stuff genuinely so powerful I need to make sure you’re a good, honest person who is only interested in helping people.

So if you’re really PASSIONATE about growing your PT business and building a MASSIVELY REWARDING and HUGE INCOME…


If you’re someone who can follow simple instructions, and take action


Get Pro Coaching Access


Remember you’re in safe hands, as if you’re not 100% happy, you just need to tell us why, and we’ll refund your last month’s fee.

Is it for you? Read below:

We take results seriously.

We will only accept trainers who –

a) Are knowledgeable, give good service and actually care about their clients.

b) Will follow through with tasks. Everything we’ll get you to do is extremely simple, but if you don’t do it, you won’t get results.

We want to keep my success rate high, and that means if there’s a chance you won’t be the kind of person to get results, you won’t be accepted.

c) Don’t need to sell their grandma to pay.


Seriously, we’re not in the business of forcing you to make payments you can’t afford, or having you take out an extra credit card (or sell an organ) to get involved.

Do you fit the bill?

Then click below to sing up:


Get Pro Coaching Access


A Guaranteed, Profitable PT Business for Less Than the Cost of Your Monthly Supplement Bill?


Whether you’re a meat-head who can’t go without their protein shakes …

… or a Yogi who loves their greens juices, there’s room for you here at Top local Trainer.

After all, I’m making some BIG PROMISES.

You expect your clients to invest in their results, so I’m only asking the same of you.

The good news though, (nay, the GREAT news) is that monthly membership to Top Local Trainer costs less than the average PT’s monthly supplement bill.


At just £49.99 per month, it’s a ridiculously small price to pay to grow your business to £3,000, £5,000, or even £10,000 per month.

As soon as you’re accepted and you’ve paid, you get access to EVERYTHING I’ve detailed above.

After that, it’s just £49.99 per month, and you can opt out of at ANY time.

Again – there’s always that refund of your last month’s fee if you want to leave, and you’re not tied in to any kind of contract.

All you need to do is apply, and watch your investment multiply again, and again, and again.


Get Pro Coaching Access

I don’t care if:

  • You have zero business, sales and personal training experience.

  • Didn’t finish school

  • Got fired from a ton of other jobs.

  • Hell even if McDonalds wouldn’t have you – I’ve turned all manner of PTs into rip roaring successes.

All I’m looking for is for you to really WANT this and be ready to TAKE ACTION in an ethical way.


My ‘I’m Not Full Of Shit’ Guarantee To You


Look we all know that the best way to get PT clients is to be honest, ethical and not tight with your cash.

I’m not a hypocrite and I’m happy to lead by example just like I did when I was still doing PT.

That’s why, if at any point you’re not happy, just let us know, and you’re free to leave. There are no lengthy contracts, and we won’t ever hold you under duress.


I genuinely may NEVER be able to offer you this opportunity again.


We’re taking a limited number of trainers, as, quite honestly, we don’t want everyone using these methods, tips, scripts and lessons for themselves.

We also value results and feel that members of a smaller group are guaranteed to get better results, pick up more clients, and make more money than one with hundreds and thousands of members, like you see in other training mentor groups.


Then put your protein shake down and apply right now: 


Get Pro Coaching Access


Remember – you’re never tied in and can leave at any time.


Not the decisive type?

Still not sure?


You need to think about what you LOSE if you don’t apply now


Look I know ALL the big players in the PT industry.

There are honestly only a very small handful of people that have the experience training and succeeding with so many personal trainers that I do.

And we hardly ever work with new PTs.

  • You KNOW the importance of an experienced mentor (just like you offer to your clients).

  • You KNOW you need the right plan (just like you create plans for your clients!).

  • If you let this opportunity slip by who is going to mentor you and help you build your dream career?

  • If you don’t join now how long are you going to wait before you really commit to being a successful, well paid personal trainer?

It’s like standing at the end of the diving board for too long. After too much chickening out it becomes impossible to jump.


We all know we regret what we didn’t do in life a hell of a lot more than the things we did that didn’t quite work out.

I honestly don’t know how long we’ll be keeping this offer open. So if you’re not willing to risk missing out now’s the type to TAKE ACTION:


Get Pro Coaching Access


But Alex! I just can’t afford it!

Look, I get it is really tough when you first start as a PT but if you can’t cut back on some ‘essentials’ (like, I dunno coffees, supplements, eating out – whatever it is) for a few weeks then you’re either flat out broke or this just isn’t important enough for you.

I’ve made this super affordable at just £49.99 per month.

You’ll see the 10X the value straight away. If you don’t, you’re free to leave at any time.

I know this has worked for hundreds of others but how do I know it will work for me? 

Ready for some tough love?

You aint that special snowflake!

Look after you’ve worked with the first few hundred PTs you’ve basically seen it all. I can usually spot exactly what your problem is in a few minutes of talking to you.

It’s usually not what you think it is. Hell, most PTs aren’t even aware or willing to admit the real problem.

There is a process, I teach you it, you do it, you make a ton of cash and have a happy career.

If you’re the type of person that has to overcomplicate a simple, effective plan then don’t worry.

I’m going to pick up on that in the application process and you won’t even make it onto the program anyway.

There are too many personal trainers in my gym, there’s no way it’ll work

This is a usual worry I get from my PTs all the time. First of all if you’re the most persuasive personal trainer in your gym then you have nothing to worry about it.

It’s the other PTs that should be shitting themselves because you’re about to eat them as a tasty post work out snack!

But honestly? Sometimes gyms do overstaff their floor with PTs greedly to make more money.

I’m pretty uniquely placed in that I can usually get you into a new gym that’s much more suitable because of my connections in PT gym management.

Being trained in my system and being ‘one of my guys’ means you can be fast-tracked into a new gym if necessary.

I’ve tried for weeks walking up to strangers in my gym and had ZERO success, why is this any different?

Because you’re doing it wrong.

This is the same as when a client tells you they’ve ‘tried absolutely everything to lose weight’. We both know that’s bullshit.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things.

You’ve just not been shown the right way yet. Trust me, this is a common problem and it’s really easily fixed.

The fact you’ve been banging your head against the wall doing this for a while is actually a really STRONG sign that you will succeed.

Because you’re already tough and disciplined enough to keep facing rejection and coming back for more.


Right! It’s time to ‘shit or get off the pot‘! If you aren’t committed now you never will be.


So I wish you luck with your career one way or another.

Here’s the application link again if you’re ready to get rolling: