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Training and Education for the Fitness Industry

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T2 Fitness was created for the development and delivery of high-quality education in the fitness industry.

Based in Swindon with academies in Bracknell, Warwick, Dublin and London, we offer guidance from dedicated tutors with years of experience who will help you towards an exciting new career.

T2 prides itself on delivering education that not only enables you to pass the course but to have a long and fruitful career.

We offer great educational content, delivered expertly and professionally. We also add value to your experience with us with multiple add-on courses such as Circuits, Studio Cycling, Kettlebells, Strength & Conditioning, First Aid, Pilates and Sports Massage Therapy.

We top the whole package off by taking advantage of our excellent reputation, and relationships with several health club chains to assist you with getting interviews for your first job in the fitness industry.

If you value your future in the fitness industry we will give you the best start! Check out our courses today!



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Kettlebells is a medieval form of exercise which has recently been thrust back into the limelight by top PTs around the world! ‘Functional training to the max’ perfectly describes the use of kettlebells. Learn how to perform the main power exercises associated with Kettlebell performance including the Swing, Snatch, Clean, High-Pull and Turkish Get-Up. You will also learn how to incorporate the exercises into programme design for your clients. What will I learn? Techniques for the ‘BIG-5′ Kettlebell exercises that form a foundation of any kettle bell programme. How to use kettlebells within the structure of a PT session How to structure group training with kettlebells Exercise progressions and training systems specific to kettlebell training
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