Faddy diets just don’t work.  Drinking milkshakes and having one miniscule a day will definitely result in weight loss – some of it may even be dramatic but dieting this way is completely unhealthy.  It can be very harmful to the body’s energy levels not to mention put a strain on vital organs and all the weight loss (plus more) will pile on as soon as you resume normal eating patterns.  By now, with regular articles in the press and on the news, everyone knows that healthy eating combined with regular exercise helps weight loss and keeps weight off for good if followed properly.

Without doubt, healthy eating and good levels of exercise is a lifestyle choice and it is the right lifestyle choice.  A personal training programme with a qualified personal trainer targets healthy weight loss.  A programme for weight loss is devised for any adult taking into account lifestyle, height, weight and personal goals.  Weight loss and fitness does not happen overnight but excellent results are achieved quickly with an expert qualified coach.  An excellent personal trainer will encourage, motivate and help you reach your target weight as well as addressing problem areas you want to improve. For example your trainer may advise a combination of a healthy eating plan rich in green vegetables and protein with cardiovascular exercise and toning or you might be better suited to a variety of aerobics mixed with Pilates or yoga.  Your fitness coach will discuss your needs to devise the perfect personal training programme for your requirements and hone in on helping you lose weight so you can start ringing the changes.

You’ll be surprised what you achieve in just a few weeks with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise – try it for yourself.