Trainer PA is everything a personal trainer needs to take care of your day-to-day business as well as help personal trainers earn additional income. 

Trainer PA allows trainers to: 

  • Client Progression Tracking: Track every weight lifted, ad every meal consumed by your client.
  • Suggest Products: Choose from over 4,000 health and fitness products to suggest to your client and earn additional income. 
  • Book Sessions: Book and manage all your session in one place. 
  • Unlimited workout plans: Choose from Trainer PA’s huge library of exercises to create workout plans. 
  • Unlimited Nutrition plans: Choose from over 50,000 food items to create the perfect diet plan for any client. 
  • Communicate: Maximise touch points with your client via our instant messenger service. 

Oh…and it is all free. 

We want to help personal trainers reach their business goals. Take control of your clients and your business with your new partner, Trainer PA. 

To download the app check out http://trainerpa.com/