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Top Local Trainer is the destination website for providing personal trainers in Birmingham with everything they need to link up with people wanting to begin their fitness journey or enhance their current level of fitness. By joining our website, we give you a number of incredible benefits and features. You will receive a personal trainer in Birmingham exclusive profile on our website, giving you plenty of high visibility to others. In addition, we give you access to our reputable supplier partner discounts including educational courses in fitness, dietary supplements and discounted fitness equipment.
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Unsurprisingly for the City of a Thousand Trades, Birmingham is bursting with good personal trainer Birmingham. How do you find the one that’s right for you and your fitness goals? One that will get you moving smartly towards your targets? Whether you want to calorie-bust, tone-up or slim-down, turn to TopLocalTrainer. Just enter your postcode and get a curated list of the best Birmingham fitness coaches within a hop, step and jump of your doorstep. That’s important. Proximity, we mean.

Because Birmingham is big.

The numbers tell the story. Brum has more parks (a whopping 571) than any other European city. Then there’s the 250 miles of urban brooks, waterways and streams (and more canals than Venice). Add hundreds of beautiful buildings to the mix (St Philip’s, the Town Hall, The Cube) and let’s just say you’ve got it easy when it comes to finding inspiring spots to get the pulse racing outdoors. Or for liberation from the city, find freedom up on Lickey Hills. Power to the peaks and you will be rewarded with stunning views of Birmingham’s skyline. Your legs will thank you too. After a little rest.

Who needs stuffy gyms?

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