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Hands up if you’re fed up of trekking to the gym to find all the machines are busy and the gym trainers are nowhere to be seen?  Another workout without the personal touch, queuing to use the running machine and having to wipe down someone else’s sweat!  Sound familiar?  Or perhaps you want to get fit in Bridgend but the gym isn’t your style and you don’t want to swim at Halo Leisure because perhaps it’s too far and too inconvenient.  You definitely need a pro.  With a Fitness Coach in Bridgend you’ll change the way you look at exercise.  In just a few short sessions you’ll notice a difference to your body and your energy levels.  You won’t be disappointed only disappointed you didn’t try it sooner!  We’ve searched Bridgend for the finest Personal Fitness Trainers all you have to do is drop your postcode into the box and browse through those living closest to you.

Whether you want to workout in the comfort of your own home, use your back garden if the weather is nice or venture outdoors to some of Bridgend’s fantastic open spaces.  Your Bridgend Fitness Trainer will tailor a programme to suit you and hone in on the areas you want to improve on.  Take it outside and get some cardio going in Bryngarw Country Park taking in the scenery – it puts a new perspective on getting fit.

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