• Bio-Synergy 35% saving

    Want to get more from each session and improve your clients progress? Then we have secured an exclusive discount on Bio-Synergy’s award winning products that include protein, pre-workouts, BCAA’s and over 12 vegan products. Having just taken gold in the Men’s Fitness awards and voted Sports Nutrition Brand of The Year, there is no better brand to support your goals and make it happen. With over 21 years heritage this is a brand that you can rely on. Simply enter code TLT35 at www.bio-synergy.uk

  • Protectivity Insurance

    Public liability Insurance for just £4.09 per month.

    Our Personal Trainer Insurance policy provides comprehensive liability cover for fitness professionals. Should one of their clients, or another third party injure themselves and blame the PT and opt to sue, the policy would protect them from the costs of defending themselves in court. Professional Indemnity comes as standard on our policies as well. This covers PTs for the advice they give. For example, if a client injured themselves during a routine and felt that it was because the exercise hadn’t been explained correctly, if they decided to sue on negligence grounds, the PT would be covered.

    We also provide £250 worth of equipment cover on our policies, though this amount can be increased to a total of £30,000. This protects fitness professionals from damage or theft of their tools of the trade. Another optional add-on to Protectivity’s Personal Trainer Insurance policy is Personal Accident cover. This provides up to £50,000 worth of benefits should the PT themselves suffer a serious injury such as loss of a limb or loss of sight.

    The policy starts at £51.14 and can be paid for in one of two ways. The first is to pay the total upfront, the other is in interest-free installments. We ask for a 20% deposit up-front followed by 10 monthly payments to pay off the remainder of the policy.

  • Social Media Crew

    Special Offer for TLT Personal Trainers. £30 a month deal to increase your online presence through social media. Contact them at nick@socialmediacrew.co.uk for more information and to find out about our exclusive free trial.

  • Jim Bag

    25% off with  Discount code – ptjim25

  • The Protein Works

    Fastest Growing Sports Nutrition Brand

  • MuscleFood

    Premium Nutrition for Peak Performance

  • Future Fit Training

    Personal training, nutrition & pilates courses.
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  • Primal Academy

    Fitness Education Evolved.
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    Training and Education for the Fitness Industry.
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