8 Piles Of In The World Of Nutrition

8 Piles Of In The World Of Nutrition

I don’t know about you but I’m a bit fed up of hearing all the absolute garbage that gets passed around in the world of nutrition. Unless you have a bit of a background in nutrition then it’s easy to believe everything you read in the newspapers and see on tv or the internet. But how much of it is true and what is tosh. Find out below.

You can’t out-train a poor diet.

Yes you can. You just need to train harder, more often, longer or increase your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis – the amount of calories you burn doing everyday activities). If your total calories used throughout the day is high enough then a poor diet doesn’t actually matter.

Cows milk is bad for you because it contains hormones.

It does indeed contain hormones, but these hormones are, like any other protein, made up of amino acids. Once in the digestive system they are broken down, like any other protein, into amino acids and dispersed around the body to be used.

Eat clean to lose weight.

If calories are accounted for then it doesn’t actually matter what you eat for weight loss. Clean or dirty, eat what you want just make sure your calories are low enough to bring about weight loss.

You need to detox for your health.

The major organs which remove toxins from the body are the liver and the kidneys. Unless they are working inefficiently (in which case you should probably go to the hospital) then detoxing with juices, enemas, teas, supplements and what ever else you can think of doesn’t help these organs do their job.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are dangerous.

Human beings have been crossing plants (and animals) for their favourable characteristics through domestication and selective breeding for generations. Probably since the dawn of animal domestication and agriculture 10000 years ago ish. The process was long and quite unreliable. Now the process is far more precise and consistent, scientists can now make the desired changes far easier through GM to develop disease resistant, higher nutrient value, better tasting, herbicide and drought tolerant crops. At the moment GM crops are considered safe for human consumption and have the potential to save millions of lives around the world.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 2016 report reaffirms that there is no substantiated evidence of a difference in risks to human health between GE crops & conventional crops.

An apple a day.

Will do little to keep the doctor away.

Eating lots of fat makes you fat

In a calorie controlled diet eating large amounts of fat will increase lipolysis (fat burning as fuel).

Eating lots of carbs makes you fat

In a calorie controlled diet eating large amounts of carbohydrates will increase glycolysis (carbohydrate burning as fuel).

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